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Duiweltjie / Oct 07, 2016

Well done guys!We killed the final boss, Xavius, in The Emerald Nightmare Heroic raid on 02/10/2016. Congratulations to all that was there and thank you for all supporting us from guild chat. Unfortunately the server crashed and the raid got a sof...

Duiweltjie / Sep 18, 2016

On Wednesday 21 September, on the EU servers, the first raid for Legion will unlock on both Normal and Heroic difficulties.This means that we will finally start with raiding content. All members that want to raid need to be prepared and ready to r...

Elysium / Aug 27, 2016

Legion launch is upon us and we got our website up and running. Let's get ready for quick and smooth leveling so that we can start doing dungeons to gear up for raids asap.See you all in game!